This project-based class uses a hands-on approach
to learn digital storytelling

Beginning Multimedia Journalism – JOUR 275
In the Beginning Multimedia Journalism course, students will be introduced to the multimedia tools needed for digital storytelling, learning which stories are told best through words, photography, audio and video. Through individual projects, they will learn the equipment and software needed to create blogs, audio interviews, video stories, and audio sound slides. Students will contribute content to the Eagle’s Eye website, www.snceagleseye.com and maintain the website for updates, SEO and campus conversation.

Intermediate Multimedia Journalism – JOUR 375
Students in the Intermediate Multimedia Journalism course (JOUR 375) will utilize the digital storytelling tools they have learned to cover the Sierra Nevada College campus for the Eagle’s Eye website. Or, students may delve into social media marketing and lead that effort for one of SNC’s programs on campus. JOUR 375 students will explore Google Analytics and track the performance of the Eagle’s Eye online.

Advanced Multimedia Journalism – JOUR 475
Students in the Advanced Multimedia Journalism course (JOUR 475) will continue to improve their use of digital storytelling tools they have learned to create a multimedia news package. They will do the same projects as JOUR 275, but use them to create the digital package which will be due at the end of the semester. Along the way, students will learn the different types of multimedia packages.

You can download the syllabus here for Beginning Multimedia Journalism,  and the Intermediate Multimedia Journalism. Each week’s Schedule is also posted on this blog, but you must check each week because online readings, assignments and tutorials will be added on a regular basis.


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