About this class

Student Outcomes
Upon successful completion of this course, a student will:

  1. Be familiar with different multimedia platforms for gathering and distributing news.
  2. Create a personal blog.
  3. Be able to maintain content and search engine optimization for a news website.
  4. Record and edit an audio story.
  5. Create effective photo galleries.
  6. Use SoundSlides to make an audio slide show.
  7. Film and edit a video story.
  8. Use Social Media for newsgathering and to create a campus conversation.

Methods of assessing student outcomes:
Student Outcomes will be assessed using the following: 

  1. Website uploads
  2. Social media assignment
  3. Audio project
  4. Photography project
  5. Soundslides project
  6. Video project
  7. Quizzes, assignments and in-class assignments

Attendance – Mandatory
Absences are only excused for school activities or written proof of illness. If a student is absent, work due on that day is still due. I will subtract 25 points for each class you miss.  If you miss 2 unexcused classes, your grade will drop one level, from A to B, for example. If you miss 3 classes, you will fail the class. The best policy is to come to class regularly and communicate with me if there is an excusable reason for an absence.

Required Texts and Materials                              Recommended Texts and Materials
1. Journalism Next by Mark Briggs                                 1. Audio recorder
2. Online readings to be assigned                                    2. Camera, with video capability                
3. Laptop computer                                                                      
4. Ear buds – bring to every class                                            

Google Docs: You will be required to have a free Gmail account so you can access Google Drive, which is used for sharing Eagle’s Eye stories and photos with you.

 Grading Policy – Beginning Multimedia Journalism
25 points for each deadline upload (7/350)
100 points for blog project
200 points for 10 blog posts
50 points for Photojournalism project
70 points for Twitter
30 points for Storify
100 points for audio interview
100 points for Audio Sound Slides
100 points for video project
150 points for in-class quizzes, tests, assignments, etc.

 Grading Policy – Intermediate Multimedia Journalism
50 points for online portfolio
50 points for Google Analytics Academy courses (2/100)
50 points weekly for 5 hours work (14/700)
25 points for Poynter courses or other training (2/50)
100 points for Multimedia Story


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