Audio Recording & Editing

We are ready to embark on audio recording and editing, using H2n audio recorders and the free, software program, Audacity.

Today, we will discuss:

Tips for audio interviewing:

I’ll share tips for gathering audio and interviewing. Many of the tips came from Gathering Audio   by Brian Storm of He wrote this with Jim Seida of

How to use the H2n

We’ll watch a video that carefully explains how to use the audio recorder. It gets a little lengthy, so we’ll cut it short. I have read the entire manual, played with the cool H2n and could fully explain it to you. But this way, there will be one more H2n in your hands as you watch the video and figure it out.

Practice using the H2n

Then, students will pair up and go somewhere quiet and outside to conduct 5-minute interviews with each other. At the end of the interview, the interviewee will state: My name is _______ and I love Sierra Nevada College because ____________.


The next step is Audacity. You’ll take your interview and use it to learn how to edit in Audacity. Here are some tutorials for you:

Setting up Preferences in Audacity   preferences must be set BEFORE you open the original audio file in Audacity!

Mindy McAdams’ Tutorial

Super-Fast Guide to Audio Editing

Editing Audio in Audacity

Multitrack Audio Editing

Great Audacity Tutorial from KDMC Berkeley

YouTube Audacity Tutorial Video

Audacity Wiki for manuals, support, help

Free Sound Effects and Royalty Free Music


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