Audio Soundslides

To create a good Audio Soundslide project, you first need a good story. Review what makes a good story as we discussed in class.  You need action, a beginning, an arc, a moment of reflection, the ending. You need a story that will evoke emotion. Find a story that can be told in a sequence, chronologically, or as a process.

For an Audio Soundslide project, you will marry great photographs with awesome audio. You need both for your project to be good. You’ll need natural sound – look for stories that have sound to them: the sound of a workplace, a hobby, nature, a busy street corner, playing an instrument. Natural sound is NOT background music. In fact, please do not use background music in your Audio Soundslide project unless it relates directly to your story – a ballerina’s music for her dance, the radio of someone at work, a musician’s song, etc.

You need to take LOTS of photos in order to find the best ones for your project. Take wide shots, medium shots, close-up shots, unusual angles, over the shoulder shots. Think about the rules of composition when taking your photos.

Then, you begin putting it together with Audio Soundslides.

You MUST use Audio Soundslides PLUS, which we have in the DART lab. If you download the free version, then you will not be able to create a video to upload to your site.

Learn to use Soundslides

A round-up of Soundslides Tutorials


Audio Soundslides Rubric


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