375 Assignments

The following are the key assignments and due dates for Intermediate Multimedia Journalism.

  1. Formal plan for your field of specialty. DUE TUESDAY, FEB. 9, BY EMAIL
    Nick – Submit a formal plan to Tanya for the website with your individual goals for it, including measurable goals. You will submit a formal report at the end of the semester, stating your accomplishments and measurable goals.
    Stephanie -Submit a formal plan for ODAL social media marketing to Tanya, which includes goals for measurement and success. You will be submitting a final report at the end of the semester, stating how you accomplished your measurable goals.
  2. Online Portfolio – DUE MARCH 9, although I would like to see updates beforehand
    Create a website (WordPress, or other CMS, content management system, of your choosing) that showcases your published work, your interests, travel, etc., internships, resume in a professional manner. This is to provide to future employers, internships, etc. You can link your blog to it if you want. Here are some examples for inspiration: Dylan Silver,  Gabe Lenners, Meranda Watling, Ciara Lemming, Abbey Niezgoda.
  3. Two Online Training Courses – DUE FEB. 17 and APRIL 20
    Here are some suggestions for you. Stephanie, I will give credit for one-hour trainings from Jim Scripps, marketing director, on SNC’s social media strategy.Poynter News University
    Create a free account with them. There are several free courses, but there are also webinars and seminars that cost money. As members of the Associated Collegiate Press, we have a 40% discount in case you wanted to pay for a course. The discount code is 14PACP40.The following are free courses:
    Audience Growth and Digital Content Strategies – This course is your guide to key strategies for your digital content that can help your organization improve its digital presence and grow audience. Stephanie & Nick
    Build and Engage Local Audiences Online – Learn why local content is essential to your survival, and how you can continue being the chief information source to your community, no matter what the platform. Nick
    Functional Web Design for Today’s New Audiences – This course will provide a no-nonsense guide to making your website easy to use. Whether you plan to improve an existing site or create a new one, this course will help guide your steps. Nick
    Leading an Online Newspaper: What you need to know – You’ll learn what editors who have gone before you already know about making the transition to an online news operation. Nick

    The following cost money – about $18: (Sorry, Steph, but they are mostly geared to you)
    Social Media and Analytics: Strategies and Metrics you’ll actually use – This Webinar will explore techniques for reporting with social media, and help you find the key metrics to know how and what your audience wants to know. Stephanie
    You are what you Tweet: How to engage readers on Twitter -Learn 10 expert ways to boost your engagement and increase your audience on Twitter. Stephanie
    Using Facebook as a reporting tool – You’ll also learn best practices for engaging with your audience not only to promote your content, but also as a community you care about and are a part of. StephanieUC Berkeley Advanced Media Institute online tutorials
    Free tutorials, but I’m not sure the subjects are relevant for you. Check it out for yourself.MediaShift- Big Marker webinar – Free, just need to sign up in advance
    How to Personalize Your content for better engagement – Wed, March 2, 10 a.m. PSTWhen I find other courses, I will let you know.
  4. Google Analytics Academy – it suggests that each course will take 4-6 hours
    Digital Analytics Fundamentals – DUE MARCH 9
    Google Analytics Platform Principles – DUE MAY 3
    Google Analytics Individual Qualification certificate – DUE on final, TBA
  5. Multimedia Story – DUE on final, TBA
    You will research, write and create a multimedia story, using the free web publishing tool of ReadyMag. This will be an awesome addition to your online portfolio. I am going to ask a UNR grad student, Dylan Silver, to come to SNC and teach you how to use this publishing tool, but I think I will wait until after midterms until you are really ready to use it. Here is the story he created in ReadyMag. In the meantime, before midterms, you should choose your subject and start your research. Create a storyboard of at least 5 pages, determine which multimedia elements you want to include in your story. This can be a feature, an event, or a subject you are interested in. It does not have to be an investigative type story.
    Topic idea due – March 2
    Storyboard due – March 30
    Final story due – Finals
  6. Interdisciplinary Blog 
    Stephanie will write 10 blog posts for the interdisciplinary blog, mostly on ODAL. If you need additional topics, I can assign some journalism posts as well.
  7. Website
    Nick will continue to add elements to the SNC website, such as pdfs of the paper, multimedia, contributions from other classes, etc.
  8. Five hours each week: managing the website (Nick), managing ODAL social media (Stephanie), and all the work you do for the above projects, training, etc. Please let me know if five hours is not enough to accomplish all the work and I will cut some back. I think it will be ok.

Intermediate Multimedia Schedule

1/20, Wednesday Introduction to Intermediate Multimedia Journalism In addition to the assignments due below, you will have online reading assignments posted on sncjournalism.wordpress.com.
1/27, Wednesday Online Portfolio 375 READ about online portfolios (follow the link about potential employers); read 10 ways to become more marketable, including an online portfolio; a New York Times’ article about showcasing your work in an online portfolio; 5 free sites for a journalism portfolio – check out the Pressfolio; and look at  Meranda Writes and several examples from 10,000 words. Business students, too, will find online portfolios valuable as a way to showcase skills and accomplishments. Here’s 8 tools to create one. Finally, read these articles: Work your resume with an online portfolio. Read her links – they are good! and Essential Elements that every good online portfolio needs.


2/3, Wednesday

ATTEND CLASS at 5:30 p.m.

Stephanie at 5 p.m.

The Digital Audience

Create Twitter account – Stephanie

Writing for the Web- Tanya

SEO for the web-

Posting to the Web

Upload Eagle’s Eye content

2/10, Wednesday


Work on online newspaper & social media marketing
2/17, Wednesday
ATTEND CLASS at 5:30 p.m.
Work on online newspaper & social media marketing

Upload Eagle’s Eye content -Nick


Poynter or online tutorial course completed
2/24, Wednesday


Work on online newspaper & social media marketing
3/2, Wednesday

ATTEND CLASS at 5:30 p.m.


Work on online newspaper & social media marketing

Upload Eagle’s Eye content -Nick


3/9, Wednesday Work on online newspaper & social media marketing


Digital Analytics Fundamentals course due
3/14-3/18 Spring Break
3/23, Wednesday

ATTEND CLASS at 5:30 p.m.

Stephanie at 4 p.m.

Social Media for Journalists- Stephanie

Share Storify & Audio Soundslide

Upload Eagle’s Eye content -Nick


Stephanie will present what she has been doing with ODAL and share insights on social media for journalists – using Twitter, FB, Instagram, etc.
3/30, Wednesday Work on online newspaper & social media marketing
4/6, Wednesday

ATTEND CLASS at 4 p.m.

Multimedia Coverage – Nick & Stephanie

Upload Eagle’s Eye content


The class will be using their multimedia skills to cover an event/issue on campus and return to post the story online. – 25 pts
4/13, Wednesday Work on online newspaper & social media marketing


4/20, Wednesday

ATTEND CLASS at 5:30 p.m.

Work on online newspaper & social media marketing

Upload Eagle’s Eye content



4/27, Wednesday Work on online newspaper & social media marketing




5/3, Wednesday

ATTEND CLASS at 4 p.m.


Mobile Journalism

Experiment with mobile journalism

Upload Eagle’s Eye content


Bring your smart phone

Read Journalism Next, Ch. 4

Google Analytics Platform Principles course due

Final TBA Share Multimedia Story Finish Google Analytics IQ Exam