Week 12 – April 13

Homework before class
Read Journalism Next, Ch. 7, – be prepared for QUIZ
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Video Storytelling
This week, we begin our last subject for the class – Video Storytelling. Your assignment for your final will be to film and edit a video to share during the final. For some of you, who have been making your own edits, this may be easy to you, for those of you who have never made a video, the task can seem daunting.

Relax, this assignment is to expose you to videos and the fact that anyone can make a video, and if you are a journalist, you’ll be required to do so in most related communication careers. For newbies, I am most interested in how you put your story together, the brainstorming, the storyboard, filming five different shots, and editing them in iMovie. A short movie of 60 seconds is completely acceptable, provided you tell a story. Don’t try to take on a movie that requires multiple interviews, multiple locations, etc – keep it simple.

For those who are used to filming, you are free to use whatever software you are comfortable with. I cannot help you with Final Cut Pro – sorry! – so if you choose that software, you are on your own (with the help of dozens of free tutorials on the Internet!). I can help you with iMovie. My challenge to you is to go beyond your comfort zone. You are familiar with snowboard edits, etc, but find a story with visual and emotional appeal. Tell a story! We will talk more about what kinds of stories are good.

VIDEO ASSIGNMENTS for Beginning Multimedia – You can download theVideo Assignment 1

10 points – Brainstorm worksheet completed by 4/13

20 points – Storyboard completed by 4/13. Here are three different types of storyboards: Storyboard BLANK      two column script      storyboard template

Or, if you prefer you can use this word document and type in your script in word. two column script

 50 points – 5-shot video assignment   completed in class by 4/27.

100 point video Assignment – Due on final

 VIDEO TUTORIALSEverything you need is right here!

Advanced MULTIMEDIA STUDENTS – Multimedia Story on final