You must follow the Details link for each week to see your reading assignments and other important requirements. Make sure you read all links, such as links which explain an assignment, for example.

Jan. 20 – Details

Introduction to Multimedia Journalism

Introduction to Blogging

Jan. 27 – Details

1. Create blogs in class
2. Add your first post on “Snowfall: Avalanche at Tunnel Creek”
3. Share a blog you like

Feb. 3 – Details

The Digital Audience
1. Create Twitter account
2. Writing for the Web
3. SEO for the Web
4. Posting to the Web
5. Upload content to SNC Eagle’s Eye 

Feb. 10 – Details

1. Composition 
2. Ethics
3. Photoshop Basics
4. Shoot photos and practice editing

Feb. 17 – Details

1. Bring photos to class for photo project
2. Upload content to SNC Eagle’s Eye

 Feb. 24 – Details

Audio Journalism
1. Introduction to audio journalism
2. Collect audio
3. Practice editing audio
4. Ira Glass discussion

March 2 – Details

Audio Journalism
1. Audio interviews uploaded to SoundCloud
2. Audio Soundslides introduction
3. Multitrack Editing exercise in Audacity
4. Upload content to SNC Eagle’s Eye 

March 9 – Details

Audio Soundslides
1. Work on Audio Soundslides
2. Storify

March 14-18 – Spring Break

March 23 – Details

  1. Social Media for Journalists
  2. Share Storify and Audio Soundslide
  3. Upload content to SNC Eagle’s Eye

March 30 – Details

Google Maps
1. Learn about Google Maps
2. Create a Google Map in class
3. Social Media Reports presentation

 April 6 – Details

1.Upload content to SNC Eagle’s Eye
2. Multimedia Coverage

 April 13 – Details

Video Storytelling
1. Video storytelling
2. Practice shooting video

April 20

Video Editing
1. Video Editing
2.Upload content to SNC Eagle’s Eye

April 27- Details

Video Stories
1. Work on videos in class

May 3

Mobile Journalism
1. Experiment with journalism on your smart phone
2..Upload content to SNC Eagle’s Eye

Dec. 10 – Details

1. Share videos


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