Week 11 – April 6

Homework Assignments
Post 8 tweets

1. Multimedia Coverage Assignment
I will not be in class this week, but Nick Galantowicz and Stephanie Coates will lead you in this class effort to cover an event through multimedia. The event has yet to be decided. The class will gather in the room to discuss how to cover the event or issue, what is the best platform for coverage. Do you want video, Twitter, a Storify, audio interviews, photo gallery, audio soundslide? Who will gather which type of medium? Who will write a story, take the photos, etc.

Go and cover the event.

Come back and process what you gathered. Post on the SNC Eagle’s Eye website.


 This is a 25 point assignment. You will be graded on the following:

10 points – Made deadline by end of class

10 points – Completion of assignment, ex. 5 tweets, not 4; blog post 300 words not 50.

5  points – Quality of content

2. Finally, you will need to upload regular content to the Eagle’s Eye website


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