Week 2 – Jan. 27


Reading due BEFORE class:

275 READ “Snowfall: Avalanche at Tunnel Creek” and write a 300-word reflection on the piece. You can write about an experience you may have had with avalanches, or what you think of the multimedia elements; or how you like the writing, etc. Look for similar posts in our Student blogs for ideas. This will become your first post on your new blog, so gather a photo or consider links to add to your Snowfall post.

375 READ about online portfolios (follow the link about potential employers); read 10 ways to become more marketable, including an online portfolio; a New York Times’ article about showcasing your work in an online portfolio; 5 free sites for a journalism portfolio – check out the Pressfolio; and look at  Meranda Writes and several examples from 10,000 words. Business students, too, will find online portfolios valuable as a way to showcase skills and accomplishments. Here’s 8 tools to create one.

275 READ Chapter 2, “Blogging and Microblogging” – be prepared for a quiz

Homework due BEFORE class:

275 – 1. Snowfall reflection; 2. Blog Worksheet; 3. Find a blog you like and share with the class

375 – 1. Online portfolio reading


1. Create a blog / Create an online portfolio
2. Class sharing on a blog you liked



We will discuss assignments in class, but please make sure you read the upcoming week’s schedule well before that day’s class meeting. It will note which assignments are due at the beginning that class. You should read Week 3 now.

Homework for 2/3

275 Read Ch. 1, “We are all web workers now,” and Ch. 9, pp. 295-306, “Search Engine Optimization.” Build an HTML page, p. 21  QUIZ

Work on blog to share with class


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