Week 3 – Feb. 3

The Digital Audience

Homework due BEFORE class:

275 – 1. Share your blog with the class;

2. Avalanche at Tunnel Creek post finished

375 – 1. Online portfolio started and ready to share with class;

275 Read Ch. 1, “We are all web workers now,” and Ch. 9, pp. 295-306, “Search Engine Optimization.” Build an HTML page, p. 21  QUIZ


1. Writing for the Web
2. SEO for the web
3. Posting to the web How to Post on SNCEAGLESEYE all[1]
4. Digital conversation – commenting on each other’s blogs
5.  Create a Twitter account

To upload to snceagleseye.com, you will need to log into the site as a user: snceagleseye.com/wp-admin You cannot log into the site until you been made a contributor or an editor by the online editor.

Use the instructions above for uploading stories to the site.

Prepare your Preparing web images for the web in Photoshop: RGB, 72 dpi.

Make sure you set the publish time for 6 a.m. on the Thursday of publication.

It’s important to do your SEO for each story as well.

1. Content – Is the story broken up into readable chunks? Bullet points?

2. Keywords – What would you say is the most important word in this story? Make sure that word is in the headline, even trying to put it in the first paragraph.

3. Links – Link to other websites, blogs, or past articles in the Eagle’s Eye. A link should provide new information that contributes to the story’s value.

4. Headline – This is what is seen on Google, so carefully think about your headline. Include your keyword, keep it present tense, make it interesting in five to 10 words. Remember anything over 69 characters won’t show up on Google.

5. Meta description – Try to summarize the story in a sentence using the keyword. You can use the first sentence if it summarizes the story; otherwise, write something new.

6. Put meta descriptions on your photos.


We will discuss assignments in class, but please make sure you read the upcoming week’s schedule well before that day’s class meeting. It will note which assignments are due at the beginning that class. You should read Week 4 now.

Read Journalism Next, Chapter 5 – be prepared for a quiz
Bring a camera
Post 2 Tweets


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