Week 5 – Feb. 17

Homework due BEFORE class:
275 & 375
Bring 30 photos for your photography assignment.

Post 3 tweets, including one retweet


1. Bring photos to adjust in Photoshop & create slideshow  – DUE on Feb. 24

2 Upload to Eagle’s Eye website.  How to Post on SNCEAGLESEYE

To upload to snceagleseye.com, you will need to log into the site as a user: snceagleseye.com/wp-admin You cannot log into the site until you been made a contributor or an editor by the online editor.


We will discuss assignments in class, but please make sure you read the upcoming week’s schedule well before that day’s class meeting. It will note which assignments are due at the beginning that class. You should read Week 6 now.

Homework for 2/24
Read Journalism Next, Ch. 6 – be prepared for a QUIZ
Photojournalism assignment posted to your blog
Watch all four parts of Ira Glass on Storytelling on YouTube
Post 3 tweets with photos


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