Week 9 – March 23

Homework Due:

Audio Soundslide is posted on your blog
Storify assignment is completed
Post 6 tweets

1. Social Media for Journalists
2. Share Storify
3. Share Audio Soundslide
4. Upload Eagle’s Eye content to website  How to Post on SNCEAGLESEYE


Social Media Sharing Assignment -25 points / DUE March 30
Choose a social media site and be able to share what it is, how it works and how it could be useful to your career, or to a multimedia journalist. Submit a one-page overview that includes:
Number of users
Short history
How it is used
Who owns it
How it could be useful to you in your field, major or career
Any other interesting tidbits
Bring your laptop to class and any adapters you need, so you can present your Social Media Site to the class. Look at DMR (Digital Marketing Ramblings) for user figures of  Top Social Media Sites and Overdrive.com for a social-media-map (listing social media sites). Your choice must be approved by me, so we don’t have any overlap. Do not choose Facebook or Twitter.


We will discuss assignments in class, but please make sure you read the upcoming week’s schedule well before that day’s class meeting. It will note which assignments are due at the beginning that class. You should read Week 10 now.

Next week’s assignments
Cover an event by Twitter
Social media reports presentations in class


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